Speaking of friends of Forbes…

Perhaps one of Jerry’s greatest allies over the years
at CHED, was Keith James Sr.

After a pretty wild ride out of the 50s and into the 60s as a programmer and on-air personality, Keith joined Jerry in 1964 and they began creating what would become a legendary radio station in Canada.

From an article in RPM dated December 2, 1978, Jerry was quoted as saying “ We sat down late one evening and keith said, “Jerry, lets tear this place down right to the foundation and build the kind of station we think will work,’” Forbes continues,”That’s how it all got started. We examined every single person on the radio station and evaluated them to see if they really wanted to be in the ‘war’. Then we evaluated every procedure, and when we would ask ‘why do we do it this way?', that procedure was immediately thrown in the ash can and we started from scratch.

In every area of the station, we built it bit by bit, fitting it together like a jigsaw puzzle until we had a pretty complete picture. This man James is probably the smallest giant in the world – he knows intuitively what it takes me months to learn.

Forbes also went on to say he hoped to write a book one day on the misadventures of the duo, “Stroke out murder, and Keith and I have done it all.”






















Correction on above picture. It's 'Sammy', not Tim James.

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After almost 10 years in Edmonton, Keith moved on to program and manage other Moffat properties with great success. From the corner office, Jerry would lead Ched through it's most successful encarnation and cement the legendary status of 630 CHED in the history of Canadian broadcasting.